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Nourish by Naomi

Welcome to Nourish by Naomi

I am an Integrative Holistic Wellbeing Expert working with individuals, groups and corporates to inspire one small change and create a ripple effect of infectious simple healthy habits that are easy to implement and maintain which raise the conscious vibration of each individual I have the honour to work with.

My holistic integrative wellness modalities include: Nutrition, Mindset, Eating Psychology and Life Coaching alongside Indian Head Massage, Sound Therapy, Breath work, Reiki and Cacao Ceremonies.

Experience this through my 1:1 transformational breakthrough sessions or my events

naomi buff healthy living

“Naomi is just an excellent facilitator in a corporate setting. I try to lead my team with mindfulness at the heart of it all and Naomi has really helped that focus and bring more mindful practices to the team. My team absolutely love the Gong Sessions, as well as the chocolate making sessions (all organic and delicious). I have had such positive feedback from these events from the individuals and it has really helped them more on their own mindfulness journey. I highly recommend Naomi’s services in a corporate setting’

 Kim Simmonds – CEO and Founder Law 365

Regular Corporate Client since 2020 – Law 365 was recently voted the 7th Best Place to work in the Country

“After suffering with PTSD, depression, anxiety and reaching my lowest point where suicide seemed like the only option I was introduced to Naomi and thank goodness I was.

She has given me so many tools that have truly changed my life. Working with reiki and sound she has helped me move into a more stable state of mind but this is only a fraction of what she has provided.

The range of techniques and coping strategies that she has worked with me on has brought me back to life.

Without her I don’t know if I would be here”

Bridgette – Transformational Breakthrough Client 

I’ve just finished Naomi’s wonderful anxiety course and would highly recommend to anyone wanting to clear their head and learn lifelong techniques to deal with any of life’s challenges! I loved the sessions each week and slowly felt the chaos in my head starting to lift. The small group was lovely, no judging just support that we all go through these similar challenges. Naomi is so warm, genuine and supportive with the biggest heart, her positive and uplifting energy is infectious. She gives you so much time and invaluable advice, I’m slowly starting to feel in control of myself again. Thank you Naomi, you are a shining star! 

Tiffany – Online Managing Anxiety Course

“Firstly I want to say how thankful I am in finding Naomi .She is a truly very special human being – A smile which lights up the room ,so gentle , kind , caring , down to earth , honest , full of joy & happiness , a real breathe of fresh air ! 

As soon as I walked in ,I felt so at ease & relaxed 

My first sound bath was incredible , quite a journey , so intense, yet , at the same time like I was floating on clouds , drifting into bliss , pure serenity . There was a big shift for me mentally & emotionally , particularly the grief of losing  my darling father ,a few months ago . All the tension in my chest ,

slowly slipped away over the next few days , I felt a lightness & a little more ‘guilt ‘ free happiness back in my life too .  My anxiety levels are so much more manageable ,on some days , I feel incredible … ready to take on the world !! 

If you haven’t tried Naomi’s cacao chocolates or drink , then you absolutely must , so divine ! “

Louise – Regular Sound Bath Client 


Our Story

naomi buff preparing healthy food

Do you feel that your life lacking the balance of salads and smiles?

You aren’t alone. I struggled for years to find a healthy balance and I didn’t smile much either!

I used to be really restrictive and had a bad relationship with myself and food. But through studying Holistic Health Coaching, Eating Psychology, Sound and Energy Healing I have navigated my way through my toughest and most challenging times to heal myself including divorce, raising 2 children, 2 country moves, 10+ house moves, running multiple businesses including overseas and so much more! 

If I can do it so can you, I want to share all my secrets with you. 


How Can I Help You?

“I found your Overcoming Anxiety course really useful and it came at just the right time in what was such a strange year! The gong baths and meditation were a lovely part of the whole experience and I understand so much more about anxiety and how I react to stress. Your coping techniques are slowing becoming part of what I try to do every day. Thank you so much!”

An Anxiety Program Client

“Naomi has a radiant energy that she brings to everything she does. I love her workshops, so many useful tips for making healthy snacks and meals that taste absolutely fabulous! And her blends? Love them! So much goodness in a packet”


“Naomi’s approach to food and health advice is second to none. She has a gentle personal style which, together with a contemporary view on personal dietary and well-being advice, and now a great product line, it all leaves you feeling an holistic approach is being created to suit your own problem areas. With just the necessary dose of fun en route! Highly recommended.”

Sacha Williams



Party Mix Recipe

Party Mix Recipe

This is a really fun recipe that is a staple in my kitchen, I have been making this year and add it to my breakfast every day to add a burst of nutrition, flavour and textures. I call it my Party Mix as it looks like a party on your plate with all the vibrant colours....

Golden Mylk Recipe

Golden Mylk Recipe

If you have been to one of my gong baths you will have experienced my Golden Mylk afterwards. I love to serve this up as it is nurturing, nourishing and grounding for mind, body and soul. You might think it is strange that I have added in black pepper to this recipe...

Peanut Butter and Jam Porridge To Go Bars

Peanut Butter and Jam Porridge To Go Bars

This is a delicious recipe that Charlie and I created for our lockdown cook with us online cookery session, in case you missed it you can watch the video here Delicious quick and easy snack that kids and adults will all adore. Servings: 18 slices...

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