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The Reset & Revive Program

Overcome overwhelm, stress and anxiety and get your vavavoom back!


Are you sick and tired of feeling constantly stressed, overwhelmed and anxious?

Do you feel that there is no way out of the cycle you are stuck in?

Is life nothing more than a bore and a chore?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then join me to REST your current state of mind and body, unpick unhelpful limiting beliefs, stories, patterns and habits that you are stuck in and REVIVE your Mind and Body to become the empowered co-creator of your life.

Who is this for?

Naomi works mainly with women in their 40’s-50’s to help them overcome the overwhelm and stresses of this stage of life. Divorce, empty nest, peri-menopause / menopause, work / life / family juggle, lost purpose and passion for life are all typical issues that Naomi can help with.

Why do you need to Reset and Revive

If you have finally had enough of life full of stress, overwhelm and anxiety and want to let go of this way of living then join Naomi on an exploratory journey to discover your individual blueprint of health and what tools and techniques will work to effectively for you so that you can gain full control of your emotions to find inner peace and calm

holistic coaching for mind body

Do you feel like this…?


Do you feel like you keep repeating the same old cycles of unhelpful patterns, habits and beliefs and getting nowhere?


No matter how hard you try you can’t break free from feeling overwhelmed and stressed with life?


Do you feel like life is getting the better of you and that you can’t seem to get on top of your never ending to-do list?

Is the constant feeling of anxiety stopping you living and enjoying your life?
Do you feel like there is no way out of this way of life?
Have you lost faith and hope of a better way of life?
Do you feel like you keep trying things but keep failing?

What you’ll learn and discover while we Reset and Revive your mind body and soul

You will discover how tuning into your body wisdom will help you take control of you life again and how to use it on a daily basis to navigate and regulate your feelings and emotions

You will learn how to integrate a bulletproof daily practice that will bring you peace and calm and alleviate stress, overwhelm and anxiety

You will learn the secrets of manifestation and how to use it to co-create your reality and how you want live and feel your life
You will learn tools and tips to help you over come challenges, overwhelm, stress and anxiety
You will learn how to shift your emotions so that you don’t stay stuck in them
You will learn how to prioritise yourself
You will discover your purpose and learn how to align to it

Reconnect to yourself and your needs and desires

Find Peace and Balance

Discover the secrets of Manifesting
Prioritise yourself and your needs and desires
Feel empowered to live your life on your terms
Discover the secrets to managing your emotions

Learn how your hormones are impacting your feelings and how to overcome them

holistic coaching for mind body

The Reset and Revive – integrative transformation program offers you:

Welcome onboarding session

Monthly 1-2-1 zoom coaching calls or in person calls

Monthly bionic breath or reiki / sound sessions – in person or online

WhatsApp access / support for program duration

Digital cookbook collection

20% off all events for program duration

£999 upfront payment Or payment plan available 

The program includes 4 x 60 minute coaching sessions & 2 x 90 minute breath sessions.  The onboarding session 30 minutes via zoom

Naomi’s Story

Naomi is a Holistic Well-being Expert specialising in helping women overcome overwhelm, stress and anxiety and has been successfully doing so for 12 years in person and online internationally. In addition to helping people on a 1-2-1 basis she has been running wellness events in the UK and Monaco for up to 150 people where she has been been privileged to coach individuals to create powerful and impactful change. Naomi is a Nutrition, Eating Psychology, Mindset, Life and spiritual Coach which she combines with other holistic modalities such as Sound Therapy, Bionic Breathwork, Reiki and Cacao Ceremonies.

Her personal wellness journey began over a decade ago where she very quickly and organically evolved a new purpose and passion into a successful career. She was living in Monaco when she initially launched her nutritional wellness workshops and became the first superfood supplier within the Principality. She went on to consult with The Monaco Restaurant Group and Fairmont Monte Carlo where she wrote and rolled out healthy eating menu’s in various restaurants across Monaco. Along side this she curated a range of superfood and adaptogen blends which were found in Harrods and other high end establishments and spas.

Her journey expanded into holistic therapies when she moved back to the UK in 2017 adding reiki healing – Usui, Tera Mai and Seichem as well as Sound Therapy Alchemy, Master of Cacao Ceremonies, Altered States of Breath and Bionic Breath to her expertise to enable her to fully support her clients with a Mind.Body approach to overcoming overwhelm, stress and anxiety to reconnect to themselves, find peace and understanding within, reconnect with people close to them, find purpose, passion and joy for life again.

nutrition mindset and lifestyle coaching
nutrition mindset and lifestyle coaching

Naomi works with private 1-2-1 and corporate clients. She also curates retreats and events that she runs solo or in collaboration with other holistic wellbeing practitioners.

Some of Naomi’s career highlights include creating healthy menus for The Monaco Restaurant Group and Fairmont Hotel, curating and bringing a product range to market and stocking in Selfridges and Harrods and making it through to the semi finals of Monaco Masterchef. Some of her corporate clients include Press Juices, The Bank of England and YPO. Her partnerships include NOA:AON, Soho House, Mortimer House, Mind Body Sprit Festival. She was also a guest on GB News speaking about the benefits of sound therapy.

Outside of her work success she has had navigated a number of huge challenges including bringing up 2 children, 2 overseas house moves, running a business, a toxic marriage resulting in a traumatic divorce – this crazy cocktail initially resulted in a life of overwhelm, stress and anxiety. Naomi overcome her struggles naturally and holistically using her passion for health, wellness to find alternative powerful ways that were life long and avoid medication. Naomi walks her walk and talks her talk! At this stage of her life (43 years young) she is the happiest and healthiest she has ever been and stress, overwhelm and anxiety are a thing of the past. They do come to visit now and again but they don’t stick around, she has mastered how to overcome them and teaches others how to do the same.

Book your discovery call here – spaces are limited so you may have to join the waiting list if you are successful

I can’t quite put into words the transformation I have achieved with Naomi’s skills.

I went to her first session fragile and broken, vulnerable and scared. I had lost all sense of myself and the facade I was acting every day was exhausting! I was on the highway to burn out. “I was imploding”!

Instead of sweeping the pieces under a carpet or hiding them to push them down further, we assessed them. Each one. In the most supported environment I have ever experienced (where it was ok not to be ok).  Naomi encouraged me to choose which ones served me not only for my highest good but what I wanted for me.  In the safest place, I participated in a process that allowed me to let go of the pieces (and people) that were not serving me anymore. I had not fully realised that it was these elements that created the true historical cracks in the first place resulting in my “implosion”! I call it an ‘implosion’ because people had no awareness of my true feelings, instead they concluded I was “very snappy” and kept telling me I looked tired! It was all inside!

Councillor, coach, healer, nutritionist whatever limiting category you think Naomi belongs, she is beyond it. She has the most natural ability to see your true soul’s energy and encourage its revelation! You will know when you meet her! 

From my spirit to yours, I thank you Naomi! 

From fragile caterpillar to free butterfly 💜

C Lynn – Transformational Breakthrough 1-2-1 client

Before I found Naomi, I was really struggling with low self confidence from a very difficult working environment and crippling anxiety, which was giving me stomach pains, was making me feel nervous and was negatively affecting my sleep. I dreaded going to work every single day and second guessed everything I worked on. Through working with Naomi, she helped me to learn how to cope with my anxiety and understand that while I can’t change the actions of others, I could change my reactions to them. Naomi showed me numerous helpful techniques to help with my anxiety, which I will continue to use into the future. While my anxiety hasn’t completely gone, I am much more in control of it with the help of the tools I have learned. I loved my sessions with Naomi and always felt so much better after each one them! I’m so grateful to her for helping me through a really difficult time in my life.” 


“Naomi is the living embodiment of health and wellbeing  – glowing with energy, enthusiasm and a love of life. I have been very fortunate to gain some of her wisdom and learn much about nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle choices. She has a very positive attitude and is empathetic and encouraging in suggesting manageable, achievable steps to regain control. My stress and anxiety levels have definitely improved since I’ve implemented her suggestions and I look forward to further lifestyle improvements over time as I change my habits. I would highly recommend coaching with Naomi and her holistic approach