My Story

I wasn’t always as “healthy” as I am today. My teens and early 20’s were wild and fun.

My interest in healthy eating started/accelerated when I moved to France in 2011.

Two months into the move my son stopped eating and became a self-proclaimed junk food veggie, eating a diet consisting of just 5 white items: bread, pasta, milk, yoghurt and cereal! I took him to the doctors who told me that as long as my son was eating plenty of dairy foods he would be fine! I knew enough about nutrition to know this wasn’t right!

One day my son randomly drank an entire apple, carrot and ginger juice. This became my eureka moment. I immediately bought a juicer, books on nutrition and juicing, a Vitamix and signed up for my first online nutritional course.

I started to develop recipes that were healthy and incorporated all the nutrients my son needed, disguised in a smoothie or snack.

Naomi Buff with healthy blends
Naomi Buff in kitchen

This led to running nutritional workshops in my Monaco apartment. I started out with small groups, but news of my new venture quickly spread and the groups became large very quickly. I was so passionate about showing women how to make really simple recipes that were healthy and tasted amazing!

As the superfoods I was promoting in my recipes weren’t readily available in Monaco, I started to supply my favourites at my workshops. Very soon, I was stocking over forty different products.

My little business was thriving and I was ambitious to grow it further. However I was suffering from a long list of health complaints that I had been ignoring whilst looking after everyone else!

I believe that when we are functioning from a good place, are in a good mood, feel energised and manage stress effectively then everyone around us will benefit which raises the collective vibration of inspired health and wellbeing.

I began experimenting with various diets: gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, vegan etc. They didn’t suit my body and I ended up feeling much worse. I was eating healthy food but I didn’t have a healthy relationship with food and I was incredibly stressed for a number of reasons. I inevitably suffered my Chronic Fatigue burnout in January 2014.

I enrolled in the Integrative Institute of Nutrition to become a Health Coach. I knew I had so much to learn about how to integrate health in a way that it effectively becomes part of life. I had seen a huge number of specialists, healers and alternative therapists who were knowledgeable, but the recommendations were far too removed from what was achievable in my life, and often left me feeling like a failure. I needed a more achievable way to reach my goals.

Naomi Buff
Selection of healthy smoothies made by Naomi Buff

Alongside studying I joined The Monaco Restaurant Group where I created healthy menus and taught them to their chefs and staff, it was a revelation for Monaco who at that point weren’t offering any healthy eating options in any restaurants, this was a huge success. I also began working with Fairmont Monte Carlo and various other companies and clubs in the area creating healthy eating concepts. 

My product shop sparked an idea which I followed up and created a range of adaptogenic powdered blends to support women in the areas that I most heard them talk about; skin/anti-ageing, energy, weight loss. They were stocked in Selfridges, Harrods and Six Sense Spas.

My passion and love for education took me to a certification in Eating Psychology. This deepened my knowledge and understanding of the mind-body nutritional connection and indeed has healed my own relationship with food and myself.

I moved home to the UK in 2017 to begin a new chapter of my journey in every aspect of my life. I initially focused on wellness workshops, coaching and my blends although after another major burnout in 2018 I knew I needed to expand my knowledge which led to certifications level 1 & 2 in Reiki Usui, Seichem and Tera Mai as well as gong healing certification level 1&2.

My coaching practice and workshops now finally feel complete allowing me to offer my clients holistically integrated mental, physical, emotional and spiritual healing. It was a healing protocol that worked for me and it is one that I am honoured to share with the women who trust in me to support them on their health and healing journey.

“There is nothing to say about Naomi that is not positive.

She embodies all that is healthy, natural and wholesome. Not only that, but she does it all with a beautiful beaming smile and a real passion for food and cooking that seems to radiate straight from her heart.

She’s the Mum that everyone wants to be; always whipping up new, tasty recipes without any of the hidden ‘nasties’ – and my family and I just love them!

I strongly recommend you dive head-first into her kitchen and immerse yourself fully in her amazing, creative energy. Then stand back and be prepared to be amazed with the results!”


“Well, inspirational is an understatement… amazing and full of knowledge.

Naomi really knows how to engage you and show you the way to a healthier lifestyle.  Not only are her workshops interesting, and informative they are certainly……. DELICIOUS !!!!

I can assure you her Supercharged Antiaging Salad with Quinoa is divine and really yummy.  Quinoa was something I had avoided eating in the past, but with the fresh and healthy ingredients that Naomi conjures up, you just have to add it to your weekly diet.

Give us some more yummy recipes Naomi”

Melinda Nelson

“I had two sessions with Naomi, a zoom consultation and a 1:1 consultation with reiki and gong bath. The consultations were so helpful, she gave me key things to work on and I’d now say my days start better, are more productive and I’m not as stressed. She also gave me key things to work on in terms of nutrition and we worked on trying to change Pre formed habits on certain foods that I’ve had a lifetime! These are slowly getting there. 

The reiki and gong bath was fantastic. I’ve firstly never felt so relaxed but a lot also came up for me, visually (giving me clues as to why some things are happening) and emotionally and had a few clearing episodes afterwards. It was truly an amazing experience and I would recommend Naomi to anyone. She has really helped me with a lot of different aspects of my life.

Jodie Greene