5 Stages of Divorce or Separation

by | 4 Jan 23 | Blog

Divorce and separation after a long term relationship create feelings of loss and grief and like all loss there is a process that both parties will likely go through, there is no one-size-fits-all model for divorce recovery, as each person’s experience is unique. 

There are however five stages that are commonly identified in the process of recovering from a divorce or long term separation;

  1. Shock and denial: The initial stage, where you may feel stunned or numb and have difficulty believing that the reality of what is happening.
  2. Pain and grief: This stage can is an overwhelming one when you begin to face the reality of the divorce/separation and the loss of your relationship. You may experience a range of emotions, including sadness, anger, guilt, and loneliness.
  3. Anger and bargaining: In this stage, you may feel angry and resentful towards your ex-partner, and may try to bargain with them or make attempts to reconcile.
  4. Depression: This stage is characterized by feelings of sadness and hopelessness. You may feel a sense of loss and emptiness, and have difficulty finding joy in activities that you used to enjoy.
  5. Acceptance and hope: In this final stage, you come to terms with the divorce and begin to move forward. You may find that you are able to accept the changes in your life and begin to find hope for the future

These stages are not necessarily linear, and could be experienced in a different order or you may bounce back and forth through the stages until the wounds are fully healed.  It’s important to seek support from friends, family, or a therapist as you navigate the recovery process – please don’t do it alone, reach out and get help from trusted sources

What stage are you at? 

I have bounced my way through each stage, I had to feel it to heal it and I am now happily stable in stage 5 

If you need support please get in touch with me as I am here to get you to stage 6 and start living and loving your life too