Did you know that Sound Heals?

by | 24 Feb 21 | Blog

Here are 8 ways that listening to a sound journey can improve your physical and mental health:

  • Calms your body and mind.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Increases focus and clarity.
  • Decreases tension and fatigue.
  • Boosts your mood and reduces feelings of anger.
  • Improves sleep.
  • Elevates feelings of spiritual well-being.
  • Deepens connection to yourself.

The experience you will have all depends on various things such as the intentions set, the equipment used and the moon / planetary alignment.

I personally have 2 planetary gongs – Pluto and Venus plus a heart chakra crystal bowl.

A sound experience with Pluto can powerfully help to move you through trauma which is residing within you on a cellular level.  It can help you move through major life transitions, rebalances polarities and brings the light into the darkness within.  Pluto is the darkest planet from the sun so will take you into your darkness but pushes you beyond the limitations of your mind which brings the light in – this is where the magic happens and we break through something that is “stuck” or “stagnant”

Then Venus is the second closet plant to the sun so it is brighter and lighter and this is certainly the energy that is felt when Venus is being played.  Venus is all about lovebeauty and balance connecting you to yourself.  It is a beautiful journey that helps to improve relationships and represents the divine feminine.  Venus is connecting us to ourselves -mind, body and soul.  

My gorgeous Heart Chakra Crystal Singing bowl is specifically tuned to the frequency of the heart energies which promotes balance and healing in this chakra.  Our heart is our central point that connects the higher and lower chakras, it is where our centre of love resides and where we feel higher and lower vibrational feelings.  Our heart can feel full or it can feel broken.  I work with harmonic patterns to restore balance and love in this space.

If you haven’t experienced sound then I urge you to try out one of my gorgeous journeys – it is needed now MORE THAN EVER!! 

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The Soul Session Sound Club is an exclusive online studio which offers various guided sound alchemy meditations and sound journeys with my gongs Pluto and Venus and heart chakra sound bowl.  I also integrate the 3 types of reiki I practice within each experience.

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Within this online healing and relaxation studio will will find various different “spaces” where you can hang out and find an on demand experience that you need.  

These experiences will range from 5 / 10 / 15 / 30 minutes and include:

  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Manifesting and Abundance 
  • Healing from Trauma 
  • Self Love and Heart Activation 
  • Wake Up and Go
  • Wind Down and Sleep 
  • Kids Space 
  • Teens Space

In addition to this I will be hosting 2 live 60 minute sessions a month on Facebook where we will work with the moon to let go of what is not serving us (full moon ceremony) and fill the space with new intentions (new moon ceremony) – these are powerful sessions that can really help you move forward in your life and manifest amazingness.  

Doors officially open on 1 March but I have a limited number of founding member space

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