Heart Activation Affirmations Meditation

by | 28 May 21 | Blog

Day 30 of my Meditate in May with me challenge so today is the grand finale and we are ending this momentum success with love and abundance in our heart space.

These are beautiful heart centred affirmations to activate your heart space. This can be challenging for some as it is very easy to slip into the role of being the caregiver or rescuer and give all your love to others and nothing to yourself. So here you go 10 minutes of LOVE coming up from me to you…..

So the challenge could be leaning into your discomforts and finding some beautiful self love in those soft spaces…. this is the best gift of all as self love is like no other love you will ever experience, try and see. Don’t forget to keep me posted in the Facebook Group, don’t forget you can also repeat any of my past meditations from my YouTube channel.

Today’s meditation is another example my weekly uploads in the Soul Session Sound Club which also feature 2 live sessions a month, a New Moon and Full Moon sound ceremony plus discounts on products and to live events too – details <<HERE>>

The membership Club has various different sound spaces where you can find an experience for what you need or how you are feeling, if you want to move through trauma or feel anxious you will find specifically curated sound sessions with intention and reiki for the cause. If time is an issue, no problem you can choose a session based on how much time you have. If there is something in particular that you’d like to see featured then I will create a session based on request with discretion.

Meditation and sound with intention really is a powerful and life changing modality whether you use it to relax or work through issues or to heal – it works and raises your vibration so you feel better in mind body and soul.

Thank you so much for joining this special and life changing journey with me, please keep in touch and let me know how you found the experience

I look forward to seeing you on the meditation challenge soon

Naomi xx