How saying “Thank You” can change your life…

by | 2 Nov 22 | Blog

Did you know that you can shift your mental, emotional and physical state with the practice of gratitude.  It might sound woo woo but there is scientific evidence to suggest that a regular practice improves happiness by 10% as well as having numerous other benefits and the best news is that all you have to do is say “Thank You” and count your blessings! 

It is simple and it is life changing! 

Daily gratitude is one of my daily non-negotiables, I start my morning with writing all the things that I have in my life at the moment that I am grateful for, I then write a page of all the things that I want to manifest into my life with gratitude as if they have already happened, then I follow with a 10 minute heart meditation to connect the images and feelings of my gratitude – brain and heart coherence.

Gratitude has the power to shift us from a negative state and challenges into a more positive one.  When we focus on all the things that aren’t going right for us more of the same is attracted to us.  However if in the lower days we focus on finding the diamonds in the dark and look for all that is going right this shifts our perception and our energy starts to change direction towards the positives.  

This practice is super powerful and so under rated for the benefits that is has to our health.

Try it for a week and start to notice how your perception, mood, reactions etc start to shift.  The changes might be small so don’t forget to recognise and celebrate the little things

Do you have a daily practice or go to that you can’t start your day without?  Please share your golden nuggets in the comments


Naomi x