How To Maintain a Healthy Weight During Lockdown

by | 28 Feb 21 | Blog

For the majority of 2020 and so far this year, you will probably be spending most of your time working and relaxing at home, perhaps even in the same room. So it is no wonder that simply out of boredom or frustration you might find yourself walking to the fridge or cupboards looking for something quick and filling to eat. You soon end up in a monotonous routine which can slowly start to creep up on you weight wise.

Swapping Your Usual Snacks for Healthier Alternatives

There are a plethora of snacks that you can eat that do not have to be the usual unhealthy saturated foods high in salt and sugar such as crisps, salted nuts, cakes, biscuits and popcorn. You can either make your own in advance or look to see if you can order some healthy homemade Indian Snacks online, in preparation for snack time.

Opting For Good Nutritious Foods

It is not necessarily how much you eat but what you eat that will nourish you and maintain your energy levels throughout the day. Foods such as bananas, eggs, avocados, salmon, oats, hummus and dark chocolate are good foods to provide a source of energy and less likely to cause a slump in sugar levels. 

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The Benefits of Cacao

Cacao in its purest form is certainly beneficial for you. Eating refined milk chocolate with lots of sugar in it is not considered the healthy variety as the nutrients are lost when the cocoa is heated. It is also added with alkaline to make it more palatable which unfortunately reduces the levels of flavanol which is considered to provide health benefits. Whereas eating raw organic cacao nibs enables you to benefit from all the natural goodness that the cacao bean has produced, whilst still providing a much needed chocolate boost. 

Fit In Some Exercise Into Your Day

If you are stuck sitting at your desk for the majority of the day, glued to your laptop, working and participating in zoom meetings, you are unlikely to be stretching your legs much or moving around a lot. Every hour or so, try to get up and walk around the house just to ensure your legs do not become stiff and you do not end up with lower back or neck ache from remaining stationary at your desk. There are also some exercises you can do at your desk in order to fit some movement in during your busy work schedule. 

Get Outdoors Into The Fresh Air

The best thing would be to get outside for a brisk ten minute walk near home, or to a nearby park where there is a big green open space. It is important for both your mental and physical well being to be outdoors and it makes a nice change from staring at your computer screen for a little while too.