Is Anxiety Taking Over?

by | 14 Jan 21 | Blog

I haven’t spoken about my Anxiety in great depths on my social channels until now as it hasn’t been the right time.  

Last year threw me into additional pressures and stresses which sent me into an anxiety spiral.  My life changed dramatically as I embarked on starting a new life as a single mum and entered into a divorce!  This naturally stirred up feelings of anxiety which for me was a completely new feeling, I had worked with many clients who suffer with anxiety but had never experienced it to these extremes before.  Thankfully I was only crippled with it for about 2 weeks to the point where I couldn’t actually function, this was the time my son was away so it was like my body caught up and physically started processing the changes I was going through.  

To deal with this I gave myself time to sit in the feelings of anxiety and look at it from how I would coach a client.  I started to follow my protocols but it was harder being the patient opposed to the coach and I noticed certain things such as diet a bit trickier to navigate so I adapted my coaching techniques to match how I was feeling and worked upwards from there.  I was able to work through my anxiety in 2 weeks.  

I am still suffering low level daily anxiety but keep it at bay with my daily protocols and practices.  Given the current situation of the world right now and the fact I am in the midst of a divorce I am feeling really positive and empowered with my coping strategies and thankfully my anxiety does not cripple me anymore.

In the last lockdown I ran an Anxiety Coaching Support Group for 4 weeks to encompass a complete integrative approach to managing anxiety, the very tools that helped me combat it so quickly and manage it on a daily basis.

The program included 4 group coaching calls on zoom (you can keep yourself hidden if you prefer), an optional WhatsApp group, supplement / dietary support, weekly meditations and weekly gong bath recordings plus so much more.

I had a great group of women who really benefitted from the course.

If you are struggling with anxiety of any kind and wondering whether or not to try Naomi’s course, then give it a try, you won’t regret it! I dithered for a while about joining as I am a private person, but my concerns were quickly allayed. Naomi’s holistic approach has made a big difference to my overall anxiety levels. The content and delivery is refreshingly clear, concise, gentle and effective. Naomi offers a variety of anxiety interventions and puts them into useful, actionable techniques. Her recommendations require some commitment, but are easy to implement – if you make a habit of them, then they really can help. I particularly loved the gong baths and meditations – they are so soothing, perfect in length (so as to be manageable on a regular basis) and strike just the right balance – gently guiding and relaxing, but not over intrusive. The recommended supplements have also helped me greatly. I would highly recommend this course – don’t hesitate if you wish to learn how to gain back some control over your anxiety” A. Anxiety Course Participant 

The program was such a success I am running another group starting Wednesday 27th January at 8pm.  The cost is only £99 which is less than £25 per week to have me as your personal coach! 


Starting Wednesday 27th January 8pm GMT

Take control of your life by taking control of your anxiety.

Stop being a prisoner to anxiety attacks and start living your life anxiety free with my 4 week integrative support and coaching group that will teach you various integrative techniques to help you combat your anxiety.  The tips and tools that I share have helped me and many of my clients overcome crippling anxieties.

The course includes:

  • 1 weekly 60 minute zoom call for 4 weeks (recorded and emailed in case you miss the live)
  • 1 meditation weekly for 4 weeks (mp4 sent weekly and can be kept for life)
  • 1 gong bath recording per week for 4 weeks (mp4 sent weekly and can be kept for life)
  • WhatsApp support group

This course will cover all elements of anxiety and offer practical tools and resources to help you manage your anxiety. How do you know if you have anxiety:

  • racing mind/thoughts
  • over-thinking, overwhelming thoughts
  • difficulties concentrating and focusing
  • feelings of dread, panic or ‘impending doom’
  • feeling irritable
  • heightened alertness
  • problems with sleep
  • changes in appetite

I love running small group coaching programs as when we connect with each other and share our stories we raise the collective vibration of wellness.  I know for sure it always makes me feel better when I know I have helped someone, you may be familiar with the mantra – Pay It Forward! 

With this little mantra in mind I have created a discount code for all my events – PAYITFORWARD which gives you £5 off any course including the Anxiety Group Program.  The idea is that you use the code and share the code and a course / workshop with a friend who you think will benefit.  I’m trusting you that you will honour the promise to pay it forward and try to help to shift this negative January / lockdown vibe that a lot of us are stuck in! 

Here is how to benefit:

1) Head to my events page <<HERE>> select your course

2) Pop the code PAYITFORWARD in the coupon section 

3) Forward the Events Page and the discount code to as many friends as you can think of so they can also benefit from something uplifting and fun in lockdown 

Before I found Naomi, I was really struggling with low self confidence from a very difficult working environment and crippling anxiety, which was giving me stomach pains, was making me feel nervous and was negatively affecting my sleep. I dreaded going to work every single day and second guessed everything I worked on. Through working with Naomi, she helped me to learn how to cope with my anxiety and understand that while I can’t change the actions of others, I could change my reactions to them. Naomi showed me numerous helpful techniques to help with my anxiety, which I will continue to use into the future. While my anxiety hasn’t completely gone, I am much more in control of it with the help of the tools I have learned. I loved my sessions with Naomi and always felt so much better after each one them! I’m so grateful to her for helping me through a really difficult time in my life.” – Kate 1:1 Client 

Are you struggling with your diet or mental health and can’t find a way out at the moment?

If yes, then let me help you, book in for free 15 minute discovery call for a quick chat and cuppa and we will take it from there!