Manifesting Miracles – My Story!

by | 18 May 23 | Blog

I focus my thoughts and feelings on an intention that I want to bring into my life, and let me tell you, it has been life changing! And things beyond my wildest dreams have come into my life! 

It started for me as a child, I remember having this vision and thought that I didn’t want to live in the UK for all of my life and this knowing that I would live in another country, I didn’t know where or when but it was a certain affirmation, I can still to this day picture exactly where I was when this came to me.  It was a passing thought but never the less an extremely powerful one and at the age of 30 I moved to Monaco where I spent 7 years of my life and started both my business and the most incredible journey of my life – my self discovery.  It wasn’t something I had dreamed about or had specifically set out to do but the opportunity came and I instantly said yes without giving it a second thought, everything in my body and mind was telling me “go for it”.  

I remember packing up my life feeling very comfortable with a move to a country even though I didn’t speak the language, I didn’t know a single soul and I had 2 small children.  This became the best thing I ever did.  I started my business (by accident) and went onto create opportunities for myself beyond my wildest dreams, my path was crossing with the right people at the right time and everything was unfolding and I could feel the magic happening around me

I would love to tell you its been a story of rainbows and fairy dust but that would be lying, and its easy to stay attached to all the fluffy stuff but the truth is that it has been my lowest bedroom floor moments that I had the biggest breakthroughs of my life and where I implemented powerful practices that I committed to with a vision of changing my current reality.  

It literally took loosing everything in 2020 – my marriage, my clients, my product, my self worth, my sense of purpose on top of losing freedom and life with lockdown.  I had been coaching 7 years at this stage so knew all the things I needed to do but when it feels that everything is against you it feels like walking treacle – but this gave me the foundations for what I teach now as I refused to stay stuck and I refused to sink, every day I chose to create change and that is exactly what I did and what I am passionate about teaching.

Back tracking to when I started to really get intentional about manifestation was in 2012 and for years I have kept a manifestation journal that I would dip in and out of at the time. Funnily enough few years ago I found the journal and I looked back on the entries and was embarrassed about how superficial it was;

A Rolex watch

A Herve leger dress 

A Balenciaga bag

I then smiled to myself realising that all of these things  had come into my life and I hadn’t actually gone out of my to get them, they found their way into my life.  When I was in the state of FLOW what I asked for came to me at the time it was all very material I am sad to say!

These days I use manifesting much more mindfully and for a higher good, that is not to say that I don’t yearn for material things or that I think it is wrong or shallow to want for nice shiny things, but I have reached a point in my life where I get more value out of impact and experiences.  I use it to visualise the day I want to have, holidays, adventures I want to have, I use it for work to visualise and manifest full wellness events and client lists where I can be of service and have an impact.  I have also used manifesting to bring love into my life and a beautiful relationship with an incredible man.

Now there are times when manifestation doesn’t work and I had to learn the hard way!  I was working so darn hard at manifesting my dream man into my life for months and months, after all I had had my fair share of bad eggs and thought it was about time that I got some quality. I was getting really disheartened by the whole process and I kept attracting the wrong men into my life (yes I was manifesting this too) the aha moment came when I realised how powerful manifestation was and whilst I could bring in all the good stuff I could also bring in the less so good, I realised I was still holding onto unhealed trauma from my previous relationship and I was in a state of low self worth and value when it came to my romantic relationships so my vibration was low and even though my intention was true and heartfelt I was out of alignment and I was attracting just that into my life. And even though I wanted a high quality relationship with an amazing man and was writing out my “wish list”, my inner and outer talk was negative  “all men are time wasters” or “they aren’t serious” or similar (but slightly more colourful language! 

When I changed my thought process and my conversation in my head and in my external world, everything changed and love walked into my life! 

Manifesting is for EVERYONE! 

You might think that you have to be super spiritual to benefit from this is NOT TRUE it is accessible to everyone all you need is a brain and a heart!  The rest is simply understanding the process, committing to your dreams and desires and consistently connecting through brain and heart coherence.

Have you tapped into the power of manifestation? Would you like to try? Please contact me and let me know…

Naomi xx