OM Meditation Chant – Blissful Activation & Connection

by | 28 May 21 | Blog

If you have been following my 30 day Meditate In May with Me in my Facebook Group and on my YouTube Chanel, well done I am so proud you. If you are showing up for the first time, welcome and please do check out more of my meditations in my group and youtube.

This is an extensions of the OM Chant 5 minute meditation which was a huge hit with you all. It is also an example of the kind of weekly meditation uploads I create for my sound club membership group <<deets here>>

This is going to push you out of your comfort zone as we are jumping to 15 minutes, but it is the weekend and I know you can do it as you have already felt the incredible benefits of 5 minutes! If this is too much then please go back to the past recordings and do you favourite, don’t forget to keep us updated in the Facebook Group

I’m so proud of your dedication to yourself


Naomi xx