The Most Effective Omega 3 Oil and Pre-biotic Gut Support I’ve Tried!

by | 14 Oct 20 | Blog

As you know I am super passionate about all things health and wellness and when I find something that a game changer I want to share it with others.  

I have been personally (trailing and) watching some of my colleagues trialing a new product range for the last 6 months with their clients and have been blown away by the results these prodcuts have produced. What is really exciting is that the products can be used alongside a self administered home blood test which is analysed in Norway to provide a full profile of your essential fatty acids. This revolutionises the supplement industry as it brings evidence based nutrition into the home allowing you to see the changes in a lab report as well as feel the difference in your well being.  
So, where to start?
Basically 90% of degenerative health conditions are expressions of chronic inflammation…

  • including:
  • heart disease
  • type 2 diabetes 
  • Psoriasis 
  • allergic reactions 
  • asthma 
  • eczema
  • some cancers 
  • fatigue 
  • arthritis 
  • dementia 
  • joint pain
  • gut / digestive issues
  • anxiety/ depression
  • and so many more.  

Basically most conditions have one thing in common, they have their roots in underlying chronic inflammation.
Inflammation in itself is not is not a bad thing. In fact it is needed by our bodies. Acute inflammation is a short term, protective response that is switched on to counteract hermful external threats.
The inflammation/immune response is by our Omega 6 fatty acid.  Once the inflammation has done its job and the threat controlled (is under control) Omega 3 fatty acids come in and dampen the inflammatory response to  complete the healing process.

So in short for our immune system to function we needs botj Omega 6 and Omega 3. The question is, how much of each do we need? 

To be exact the scientifically recommended ratio is 3:1 so for every 3 x omega 6’s we need 1 x omega 3. 
Here is the issue though.

Our Western diet has become increasingly starved of Omega 3s and flooded with Omega 6s. In the UK the average ratio is now 15:1. In other words we have no problem intitating an inflammatory response, but little ability to switch it off, leaving us with a continuous low level inflammation. This chronic inflammation is a silent threat that simmers undetectedin the body, progressively damaging tissues in the body whenever it occurs: in the heart, brain, joints, colon, prostate, lungs and skin – inpotentially any organ.

Here is where it gets even more scary, the US averages 30:1 and we are following in their foot steps pretty rapidly! 
So what do we need to do to avoid these issues?

We need to balance our omegas and build a foundational health environment free from chronic inflammation. 
To put things in perspective I have a very clean diet as you know, I have a healthy lifestyle and I take really good quality supplements and my ratio is 6:1 

Doesn’t sound too bad does it?  But it is still double the amount of Omega 6’s relative to Omega 3s I should have in my system.  In terms of weight if I weight 50kg (wishful thinking) double is 100kg – when you look at it like this the difference is huge.  In blood tests that I have had over the years my markers have always indicated inflammation and finding the root was like looking for a needle in a haystack – it is easy to end up chasing symptoms rather than going to the root.   
So the starting point is a finger prick test which supplied by a company called ZinZino, it is quick and easy to do from home and with well over half a million tests done under 5% come back with the right ratio of 3:1 or less. They do offer a refund if anyones test comes back squeaky clean. 

Even if we are eating a really good diet our food is still stripped of vital nutrients and in this case I am talking about polyphenols.  Even our fruit and vegetables have been bred for size and sweetness and polyphenols can have a very bitter taste which you might have experienced when you have had a really good quality olive oil as it hits the back of your throat. Polyphenols are vital, not only as micronutrients but als as chaperones of Omega 3’s in the body allowing them to reach the cell membranes and the brain where they are so important. Without polyphenols omega 3s are vulnerable to oxiditaive stress or in other words become rancid.

Omega 6’s are readily available in many foods but increasingly come from polyunsaturated vegetable fats such as vegetable margarine, vegetable oils, meat, sunflower oil, corn oil, soybean oil, grapeseed oil sesame seeds.  The big issue is that a lot of these vegetable oils have been highly processed and are used in excess in processed foods. 

Our diet has seen a decline in consumption of Omega 3s and an increase in Omega 6’s particularly if the diet contains a lot of processed food. The results are clear  as ill health and degenerative disease has become the norm. What many consider to be the natural process of ageing  is actually the result of degenerative diseases stemming from chronic inflammation.
There are some amazing Omega 3 supplements out there but they all lack the important contribution of Polyphenols and as you can see from my results dont do all they promise. 

ZinZino have developed a product called Balance Oil. It is a high quality fish oil mixed with cold pressed early harvest organic olive oil which is rich in polyphenols, which dramatically increase the bioavailability of the omega 3s. it also has vitamin D3 which is essential for immune health. This combination ensures the Omega 3s hit their target, and over time restore balance to your body. This is demonstrated with a second blood test  after 4-6 months , but will be evident in how you are feeling both in mind and body.

So I was obviously excited when I found this range of products and started taking it as soon as I had done my test.  I have noticed my skin is even better, I have more energy and my mood has improved in the last 30 days.  I will retest after about 4 months but I can see and feel the effects, especially now as with the change in weather my skin usually starts to dry up more.
The oil magic goes as far as the small intestines but as you may already be aware another main source of inflammation is in the gut microbiome.  This is a recognised problem and explains the explosive growth in the use of probiotics.
There are good Pro-biotics out there and they help to some extent but fail to address the real issue which is the gut terrain. They are delivered in such small quantities and are “tame” relative to battle hardened gut bacteria and so adding in a few good guys to a struglling gut is like sending the girl guides to fight the Chinese army – the amounts are too small and they are too weak to make an impact.  

ZinZino has developed a product to address the terrain of the gut allowing us to produce our own “native” anti-inflammatory bacteria.. Zinobiotics is a prebiotic powder which has 5 different dietary fibres each with a different molecular structure. The combination is designed to work on a time release basis, fermenting t different points of the colon. These fibres create an environment in which the gut produces the beneficial anti -inflammatory gut bacteria, improving gut health and easign conditions such as IBS, bloating, Crohns and constipation. 

I have replaced the good quality fish oil and symprove I was taking with these 2 products and am really excited to share that this works and it works fast.  

If you would like more information about the products or to try them yourself please get in touch with me as I have a discount I can offer you as I will be woking alongside this company as I truly believe that they will help move us out of inflammation and into homeostasis.

Kids can take them too and they have a soluble oil that mixes in water or juice.  There is also a really good immune support and energising multi-vitamin which is amazing for targeting belly fat as it reduces inflammation in the adipose tissue (that hard to shift mid-rift) 

If you’d like any further details about the products and how you can get them into your life, please book a discovery call with me or check them out HERE