Top Tips For Working From Home To Improve Productivity

by | 5 Apr 21 | Blog

The new normal is here. Companies are quickly embracing the work from home policies to contain the novice virus’s spread: Covid-19. It might be a unique and unorthodox situation for you to carry out your daily work routine from your house’s comfort due to the many distractions that exist.

These tips below will help you successfully carry out your routine and improve your productivity as you work in your pajamas.

Create a Schedule

Having a clear and well-defined schedule will help keep you on track of activities and goals that you’re required to achieve. Working from home means that you should gain a similar level of accomplishment or even more, just as you would while working in the office.

Plan appropriately the time you would require for meetings, drafting of reports, or conference calls.

Planning for meeting outside of your home is a great way to improve your productivity. Incorporate one on one meetings with your colleagues into your schedule. A good coffee place will do the trick; click here for an exemplary example of a fair meeting point.

Create a Workspace

One of the grave challenges you’ll experience while working from home is keeping separate your work life and social life. If you have a family, creating a workspace is essential as it gives you ample time to focus on your work activities without being distracted.

As your usual daily routine used to be, you need to create a work and social life separation. Create a comfortable working environment with a desk and chair similar to what you would have in the office.

Create a working ambiance that will allow you to activate your work mode the minute you start working.

Dress the part

Working from home has the most significant perk of not having to dress up and look sharp daily. However, it can directly impact how your day or work will turn out.

Practicing your daily routine will have your mind and body convinced of your work set up, where you get to work from 8-5 with minimal distractions.

Prepare yourself for the day but wake up early as you used to, take a shower, and dress up in comfortable clothing. Having a great start to your day will make it easier for you to take up impromptu video conferencing calls, and it also increases your confidence in handling tasks.


Working from home may become tedious if you’re used to the daily social interactions at the office. Engage your colleagues in everyday conversations through text, calls, or video conferencing. If you have a social relationship with your colleagues, keep it up. These interactions will go a long way in improving your productivity and help you stay away from boredom. The goal is to create a replica of your office environment.

 Working remotely should not feel like a burden. It is a time to improve your output to your organization because of the comfort it comes with. As the world is going through a pandemic, you need to take care of your physical and mental health and carry on with your daily routine while staying safe.