What Does It Mean To Live Life With Purpose And Intention

by | 10 Jan 22 | Blog


As I mentioned in my last post I am passionate about my morning routine and one thing I do every morning is breath work and meditation, as it is in this space that set my daily intentions.  These could be financial, how I want to feel, what I want to let go of, what I want to bring into my life, business or love related, energetic or physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.  I spend time on getting clear on my intention so I can shift my energy into alignment with them.  I write them down to connect to them and I ask myself WHY they are important to me and then I imagine how it would feel live them.  I do breath work to bring energy to them.  I see my intentions as little seeds and my breath as the fertile ground, water and elements they need to grow and flourish.
This might be a bit extreme for you and where you are on your personal journey so please remember that I have been carving my path for over 10 years now and my morning routine often changes, shifts and evolves – there is no wrong or right way to do it if you let go of expectations and judgements and allow your inner light to guide you and simply show up for yourself every day.

An intention is something you intend to do, something you want to bring into your life or an aim or plan you want to implement, I see intentions as softer goals that aren’t so structured or pressured.

A starting point for you if this is a new concept to you would be to buy a nice new journal and write DAY 1, then do a guided meditation or sound bath (check out my sound club that has a library of amazing guided meditations for example) write down your intention for the day, listen and then make a few notes after about how it felt for you, then get on with your day and show up next day writing DAY 2 and doing the same again. This creates a new routine and rewires old hardware of how you have been thinking.  It is from this space that you will start to change and live your life with intention.

The dictionary says that purpose means “reason that something exists” so we can turn that inwards and ask ourselves, why am I here, what is my purpose to exist in this time and space, what my calling is, or what do I want to bring to the world

Your purpose doesn’t have to be huge and life changing it could be living authentically or being a good mum or helping others.  There is no purpose too small if it feels right for you the important thing is how you connect to it and live in alignment to it.

My final point on living life intentionally and ON purpose is to always question WHY with open curiosity.  

When you start to question everything you will start to get to know yourself and this is the greatest thing you can learn.

Are you ready to start living your life intentionally on purpose? Start today, you have your whole life waiting for you.

If you need help or support connecting to or aligning to your purpose, passion or intentions please get in touch and see how I can help to support you