What Is A Gong Bath And Why Do You Need One

by | 8 Sep 20 | Blog

You may have seen on social media that I have been talking about my new gong and are wondering what on Earth or solar system I am banging on about (excuse the pun!) 

In a gong bath I use a mallet to facilitate a form of sound healing which works on a vibrational level where the sound moves through your physical body, mind and soul and takes you on an inner journey of self discovery and deep healing.

A gong bath is also a good way to simply relax and let go on stresses or all that is not serving you.

My gong (pictured above) is attuned the energies of the planet Pluto and a sound bath with Pluto can also restore balance to polarities, heal obsessive behaviours and brings the darkest parts of us into balance with the brightest and warmest aspects of our true nature.  It also supports us in the transitions of major life transitions and clears deep emotional trauma.  The sound is profound and intense.

Thanks Naomi for a fantastic experience! It was my first gong bath and it’s really something you need to experience to feel how good it is!  I love the gong bath,  My back pain is gone!! And I feel quite light and empowered which is strange! I did have a restless sleep but opposite to how I feel when that happens I feel really well today! Some of the emotional stuff is now just like flash backs of memories and not as vivid as before!!

You explained everything and made me feel so comfortable and at ease! It was worth every minute of it. I feel now empowered and looking forward to what is to come!!” Margarita

We have all been thrown into the unknown this year, faced challenges and fears. It has been a year of universal change for the entire planet.  

I attended an incredible gong bath on one of the first days of January this year (it was this one that inspired me to learn this amazing healing modality myself) which was a joint collaboration between my teacher Mark Swan and soul astrologist Zoe Hind.  Zoe spoke about how every day of this year there is something significant going on with the planets and any structures that weren’t solid were going to crumble – I mean, seriously isn’t that just the raw truth of this year so far!?  

So gong healing is exactly what we need right now to help support us through these challenging times.  

And the thing to remember about crumbling structures, challenges, rock bottom is the space that is created when these obstacles are removed, we are left with a new surface to rebuild foundations that are stronger and in alignment with our true nature. 

I am SUPER excited to be offering in person gong baths which are safely socially distanced at The Cricket Pavilion in Sevenoaks as well as 1-2-1 sessions from home in my garden (weather permitting) both are combined with Reiki Healing to offer a deep and nurturing session. This work really compliments my women’s coaching and feels like it is the missing element that I was looking for and I am so honoured to be able to share this with the ladies who trust in me to help facilitate their healing journeys.

For more information on future gong baths please visit my workshops page <<here>>

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