What is an Alter / Sacred Space and How to Use It

by | 25 Oct 22 | Blog

I have various sacred spaces otherwise known as an Alter around my house and I even travel with elements of them when I go away. Here is a little blog on what they are and how you can use them as part of a powerful daily practice.

An altar is a space with object or set of objects placed in a purposeful way, and in a purposeful place that have a spiritual significance personal to me. 

My alter has items to represent the 4 elements Earth (plant / crystals) Fire (candles) Air (represented through lit candles) Water (a bottle of water from the White Spring / Glastonbury). I also have my angel cards, Palo Santo and my pendulum. This is the space I use for my healing and group sessions, I also come and light a candle and drink my cacao here. 

I also have a more personal space in my bedroom which contains things that represent my affirmations for example some beautiful gold earrings that were a gift from a friend and remind me that I AM GOLD and choose you raise my vibration to match this frequency and attract the same into my life in all areas. 

The purpose of these spaces are for regular ritual and a place I can connect to source energy and my guides. It’s a place of quiet, reflection, introspection and where I can ask questions and listen to the answers. 

This has been a big part of my spiritual practice for years, one I have dipped in and out of but has been permanent this last 6 months to keep me anchored and grounded in my daily practice. The results are extraordinary, I am happier and more balanced, I am focused on my goals, dreams and desires. 

Things I do in my sacred space:

♥️ write gratitude
♥️daily breath 
♥️angel cards 

Do you have an alter? Would you like to create a space for yourself? I’d love to know….. ✨✨✨