Why I choose Routine over Resolutions

by | 10 Jan 22 | Blog

I am not one for New Years Resolutions as 80% fail before the end of the month, they set us up for failure and disappointment which is demotivating.

Instead I like to think about my routines and put my energy and attention into cultivating healthier routines that work for me and my life.

How we start our day sets the tone for the rest of the day so make your morning count, set your alarm earlier enough to give yourself time, don’t start your day up against the clock and rushing around, you may need to get to bed earlier in order to do this in which case make a small adjustment here.  Plan your morning routine in time blocks based on how long you need to fulfil that block (some may need 5 minutes to shower and others may need 10 minutes – you are writing your morning routine so make it work for you) 

First things first try to put your phone outside your bedroom to avoid social media or the news being the first thing you take your mind to. If your alarm is on your phone then this is a double whammy as it will get you out of bed and avoid you hitting the snooze button 5 times before getting up. 

And before you do anything else make your bed (unless you have a sleeping body in it!) which gives you a sense of achievement before you have even started the day.
I personally would suggest you factor in the following in your morning:

Meditate / Breathe / Move / Journalling – anything from 5 minutes to 60 minutes (read The Miracle Morning or The 5am Club for more on how you can create a power hour in the morning) – try joining The Sound Club for my library of Morning Motivational kick start guided sound meditations.

Shower / Get Ready – you might want to get your clothes out the night before to give yourself more head space in the morning, this is especially helpful if you spend ages staring into your closet

Eat / Drink / Supplements – put time and energy into what you are putting into your body to start the day and remember how you start your day nutritionally will set the tone for how you eat throughout the rest of the day.  Try starting the day with lemon water to hydrate and don’t forget to take any supplements!

Do you need help finding balance and routine in your life? If so contact me to see how I can help you