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The Transformation Breakthrough Method 

Naomi has been a holistic Nutritional, life and eating psychology coach for over 10 years supporting clients with a number of issues including
  • Weight loss
  • Menopause
  • Trauma
  • Eating disorders
  • Mental health (anxiety/depression/psychosis)
  • Finding purpose/passion
  • Major life transitions such as divorce
  • Empowerment and body confidence
Her goal is to help her clients make powerful life long changes
Naomiapproach is holistic and integrative using all other healing modalities to work through the layers and shift stagnant energies, break through limiting beliefs and habits that are keeping people stuck in old routines.
Her coaching sessions incorporate simple and practical tools and techniques that will be given as on-going homework between sessions to give clients a personal tool box of coping strategies as well as the gift of self awareness so they are empowered to make the changes they want to see in their lives. 
Naomi Buff with healthy blends
Naomi Buff in kitchen
A transformation breakthrough session is a method Naomi developed based on client experiences and rapid breakthrough when she combined both coaching and healing modalities. 
Sessions begins with holistic coaching which brings to the surface the issues, habits, patterns and restrictive mindset thoughts before moving into Reiki energy healing/ balancing and then sound therapy to clear stagnant/ toxic energies and trauma.  
The talking element of the session as a top down approach to healing (in the head) and the healing as a bottom up approach with them ‘meeting’ in the middle, the heart space which is where heart and brain coherence happen this results in transformational results and many clients have reported more success in one session over years worth of therapy 

A 75 minute Transformation Breakthrough Session costs  £120

 This includes an in person or online session and all follow up resources and support between sessions

To see if you are the right fit for The Transformational Breakthrough Method please schedule a free call


“I can’t quite put into words the transformation I have achieved with Naomi’s skills.

I went to her first session fragile and broken, vulnerable and scared. I had lost all sense of myself and the facade I was acting every day was exhausting! I was on the highway to burn out. “I was imploding”!

Instead of sweeping the pieces under a carpet or hiding them to push them down further, we assessed them. Each one. In the most supported environment I have ever experienced (where it was ok not to be ok).  Naomi encouraged me to choose which ones served me not only for my highest good but what I wanted for me.  In the safest place, I participated in a process that allowed me to let go of the pieces (and people) that were not serving me anymore. I had not fully realised that it was these elements that created the true historical cracks in the first place resulting in my “implosion”! I call it an ‘implosion’ because people had no awareness of my true feelings, instead they concluded I was “very snappy” and kept telling me I looked tired! It was all inside!

Councillor, coach, healer, nutritionist whatever limiting category you think Naomi belongs, she is beyond it. She has the most natural ability to see your true soul’s energy and encourage its revelation! You will know when you meet her! 

From my spirit to yours, I thank you Naomi! 

From fragile caterpillar to free butterfly 💜”

C Lynn

Transformational Breakthrough Success Story

 “After suffering with PTSD, depression, anxiety and reaching my lowest point where suicide seemed like the only option I was introduced to Naomi and thank goodness I was.

She has given me so many tools that have truly changed my life. Working with reiki and sound she has helped me move into a more stable state of mind but this is only a fraction of what she has provided.

The range of techniques and coping strategies that she has worked with me on has brought me back to life.

Without her I don’t know if I would be here


Transformational Breakthrough Success Story

“My journey so far has been incredible to say the least and I am feeling more shiny and new by the day. Her encouragement is making me learn daily that I can be who I want to be in all ways – my love of life is returning and at the same time I have lost just over half a stone without even knowing it! This lady is amazing!”


Transformational Breakthrough Success Story

“I was desperate to get out of a cruel cycle revolving around endless self-doubt, unhealthy eating habits and overwhelming hormone issues.

From seeking her help on a 1-2-1 basis, I can honestly say that Naomi’s coaching and support is altering my life for the better!”


Transformational Breakthrough Success Story