Anxiety, depression, disordered eating, mood swings, cystic acne, self doubt, low self esteem, overwhelm, crippling fatigue….

I have been there.

Over the last 2 decades of my life I have had my fair share of life changing struggles that I have successfully overcome each time which was the motivating factor for becoming a women’s coach to firstly help myself to get through these challenges but also to help other women like you do it too. I have always believed that life happens for us not to us which is why I am so passionate about helping women break-through a transformational journey from despair to health and happiness.

I have felt the struggles, the pain, the shame and had no confidence, motivation or get up and go – it is a dark and lonely place. But I also have found the light in the darkest hours. My experiences have made me the woman I am today and I am grateful for them all – even my darkest moments as they gave me the tools and resources that I learnt first hand and know to be true and effective which I can share with my clients.

I work with women 1-2-1 or in group coaching programs and can help with the following:

Weight loss, emotional + binge eating, negative body issues

Blood sugar imbalances


Balancing work/life commitments


Low mood

Menopause/Hormone imbalances

Fatigue/Chronic fatigue

Digestive issues

My approach is holistic, individual, realistic, mindful and compassionate and when I work with my clients I help them discover their individual blueprint of health and wellbeing. The process takes around 3 months and is an empowering journey where each client learns more about themselves than ever before. We will work through your Nutrition, Mindset, Lifestyle choices including exercise.

My goal is to empower you through the awareness of how your mind and body operates. When you develop an inner knowledge and understanding of yourself you take back control of your life again – this is life changing. Imagine how you would feel if you were in the driving seat of all the choices you were making? Imagine how your life would look and who you would be if your mind was limitless to what you believed you could achieve.

Each 1-2-1 program is uniquely tailored to you and might also include other healing therapies such as Reiki and Gong Healing to help remove toxicity and breakthrough emotional trauma or blocks.

Details of my gong healing can be found here

To find out how I can help you book in for a free discovery call

Prices from £199 for a group coaching and £695 for 1-2-1 bespoke coaching

Naomi is a fantastic coach and has a real understanding when it come to nutrition.  She teaches you how easy it is to incorporate into our day and make it fun and enjoyable. Every time I see Naomi I always leave feeling very inspired.  Her blends really work…I love the energy blend.  Perfect for an afternoon pick me up when you want to reach for coffee and biscuits!”


“Naomi is a brilliant nutrition coach – I came to her when I felt lazy, demotivated and stuck in a rut. I had goals for wieght loss and better eating but over the past 4 years I have started so many diets and exercises and have always given up on them.

Naomi’s approach is really unique – she really got to the bottom of what drives me, what motivates me and each specific area I needed help and support to make a change in my diet and lifestyle. She broke down every single nutrition challenge I had, such as my love of Coke Zero, to my 3pm snack attacks and poor meal planning and replaced each and every one, slowly but surely with healthy options. She really took the time to understand my individual challenges and support me with my goals. Naomi is a very motivating, inspiring and empatheitc person who gives you the tools to make the changes you want to make, and stick to them!

I am very grateful to Naomi and love my sessions with her!”