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Corporate Wellness

Improving the overall Health and Wellbeing of your employees improves the overall environment, productivity and profits of your company.

Investing in your employees wellbeing invests in your business and creates a happy healthy hub for you and your employees to be part of.

Do you want LESS




sick days


health costs


Less staff turnover


Improved KPIs

Better quality work

Improved concentration, clarity and focus

A positive work culture

More staff retention

Increased resilience

Naomi Buff with healthy blends
Naomi Buff with healthy blends
Naomi Buff in kitchen

Naomi has worked with Companies in Monaco and the UK including The Monaco Restaurant Group, The Fairmont Hotel Monte Carlo, The Monte Carlo Munchkins Club, The Bank of England, Press Juices, Law 365, Ali Stewart & Co Insight, YPO

Naomi can offer in house classes and workshops and organise retreats with her team.

Her skills include:


Bionic Breath Work Facilitator

Sound Practitioner

Reiki Energy Healer


Indian Head Massage Practitioner


Wellness Coaching; Nutrition, Mindset, Life and Eating Psychology

Her packages and programs are all bespoke and prices vary depending on time, location and amount of people

For her corporate brochure or to book a discovery call please contact Naomi

“We organised a Bionic Breath work class for a ‘wellness wednesday’ at work and it was a truly magical experience.

Naomi did an incredible job of introducing what Bionic Breath work was and how she was going to lead and hold the space for us. It was most people’s first experience so there was naturally a lot of curiosity but from the beginning everyone trusted Naomi due to her approachable and warm energy.

It was a truly transformational journey where we learned new ways of breathing and guided through a wonderful meditation. Everyone was encouraged to go at their own pace and it felt truly inclusive. We got an overwhelming positive response from everyone who participated so I would highly recommend giving any of Naomi’s classes a go. ”

Emilie for Press Juices London Head office

“Naomi conducted a hybrid (in-person and virtual) workshop for staff in my directorate. I commissioned this workshop because my staff was feeling the pressure and stress from the prolonged lockdown period as well as working very hard in the last few months.

The workshop was a success. Naomi was professional, factual and engaging. The follow-up links she provided were helpful for those who wanted to learn more. It is obvious that Naomi puts a lot of effort into preparing and delivering this workshop. Highly recommended!”

Jacquline Koay – Bank Of England Chocolate Mastery and Nutritional Upgrades masterclass

“Naomi is just an excellent facilitator in a corporate setting. I try to lead my team with mindfulness at the heart of it all and Naomi has really helped that focus and bring more mindful practices to the team. My team absolutely love the Gong Sessions, as well as the chocolate making sessions (all organic and delicious).

I have had such positive feedback from these events from the individuals and it has really helped them more on their own mindfulness journey. I highly recommend Naomi’s services in a corporate setting”

Kim Simmonds – CEO and Founder Law 365

Law 365 was voted the 7th Best Place to work in the Country in 2022

“We at FMC are delighted to have partnered Naomi Buff on what is for us an exciting time to develop our breakfast offer to our guests. We have worked with Naomi in the past and once again we have delivered together an exciting menu together with our Executive Chef Philip Joannes and Naomi, a “Light & Lean” breakfast offer that addresses the needs of a very healthy conscious clientele staying at FMC. It also continues to underline the commitment of FMC to innovation and customer satisfaction …

Thank you Naomi!”

Xavier F. Rugeroni – Regional Vice President and General Manger