Cacao Queen – Ceremonial Grade Drinking Cacao 200g

200g of LOVE 

Ethically sourced ceremonial grade cacao from Venezuela which has been organically harvested with intention and blessed with LOVE and High Vibrations.

Cacao is a beautiful heart opening plant medicine with an abundance of incredible benefits.

Drink 15-20g daily or 40- 50g for ceremony.

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About Ceremonial Cacao:

  • Ceremonial grade cacao translates to “food of the gods” and has been used in ceremony for thousands of years, it originates from the amazon
  • Cacao improves blood flow to the heart and is known as a “heart opening” plant medicine which can help to remove emotional blocks and move you into your highest potential and divine love
  • cacao is a natual anti-depressant which Elevates and activates love chemicals to bring more inner and outer bliss and peace
  • A cacao ceremony includes drinking high quantities of cacao with intention, prayers and blessings as well as meditation, sound therapy, healing and CELEBRATION
  • After a cacao ceremony you may feel an expansion of love, deep emotional release and or lightness in heart and soul (to name just a few of the amazing benefits)

Ingredients:  100% ceremonial grade cacao, 100% PURE LOVE

Nutritional Info:

ENERGY (kcal) 579.60

FAT 52g

of which are saturated 33.30g


of which are sugars 1g


Salt 3.3g




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