Cacao Queen Cacao Ceremony 

The Light Centre Belgravia 5.2.23 – 12 – 3pm

Sound – Story -Sharing-Guided Meditation – Healing 
Come and join me for an adventure into your heart space with the divinity of pure Ceremonial  Cacao for 3 hours of pure bliss and healing. This is a heart expansive and opening journey of love and healing.
When was the last time you gave yourself permission to fully feel what you need to feel and be who you want to be?  
Step into your power with cacao in a ceremonial setting that is held, supported and safe.   
The afternoon will include:  drinking a ceremonial dose of cacao with prayer and blessings; shamanic drumming to shift your energy, a deep guided meditation to connect mind, body, heart; healing  to bring in love and guidance where needed; sound therapy to continue the journey, shift energy and bring in new ideas and inspiration.
The Ceremony is 3 hours to give you time and space to drop into a deeper experience in all of your energetic bodies.
My coaching background also brings in a positive and powerful element for personal growth and expansion to ensure the experience will catapult you towards your own personal power.
A Cacao Ceremony open the heart and will leave feeling empowered, rejuvenated, and with a new thirst for life knowing you have just experienced something super, super powerful. You are the person you have been waiting for!!  Both men and women are welcome 

Please contact me before booking if you are pregnant, have metal plates or epilepsy



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7-9 Eccleston Street, Belgravia, London, SW1W 9LX


Closest tube / mainline station:  London Victoria – the light centre is a short walk (less than 5 minutes)

What to wear/bring:

Please wear something comfortable, bring a journal and pen, some water and some crystals or anything of relevance that you want to place on the alter

What to expect from the session:

Please arrive 5 minutes before the session starts to settle into your space. 


Strictly no cancellations sorry but all tickets are transferrable with request 



Sevenoaks Vine Cricket Club

Holly Bush Ln


 TN13 3UH

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There is plenty of free parking in neighbouring roads

What to wear/bring:

Please wear something comfortable and you will need to bring a yoga mat, blanket, an eye mask (if wanted) and some water.

What to expect from the session:

Please arrive 5 minutes early to set up your mat and your space. The session will start with a brief introduction to sound healing and the experience you can expect followed by a few grounding movements or breath to get present and fully arrive. I will lead you into a short guided meditation and then begin the gong sound journey. At the end you will have around 5 minutes to come back to reality before I serve some homemade vegan turmeric latte and a raw chocolate to fully ground you before you take yourself back to your life.

Covid-19 guidelines:

 The Vine Cricket Club are taking the covid guidelines very seriously and are thoroughly cleaning all usable areas before and after use.

Mats will have a 2 meter distance. There is no contact required with this class, you are simply arriving setting up your mat where advised to and will stay in your space for the duration of session (unless you need to use the bathroom of course!)

If you are anxious about being with others then please refrain from coming along to this event, you can however book a private garden session by emailing me naomi@nourishynaomi.com

 By coming I am trusting that you won’t have been in contact with anyone who has been tested for Covid-19 in the last 14 days and are in good health yourself. If you have or have any suspicions that you may be at risk kindly refrain from joining the group. Also by coming you are taking your responsibility for your own health and release me from any liability.

“Thanks Naomi for a fantastic experience! It was my first gong bath and it’s really something you need to experience to feel how good it is!  I love the gong bath,  My back pain is gone!! And I feel quite light and empowered which is strange! I did have a restless sleep but opposite to how I feel when that happens I feel really well today! Some of the emotional stuff is now just like flash backs of memories and not as vivid as before!!


Naomi explained everything and make me feel so comfortable and at ease! It was worth every minute of it. I feel now empowered and looking forward to what is to come!!



Impossible to describe the effects of the gong bath, but I do detect a positive change and feel stronger from within.  I thought it was a great experience and very beneficial in many undefined ways!!!!!   The turmeric latte was also delicious and a lovely return to this world.


Thank you so much.  I am going to carry on bathing in the after effects and would love to do it again”


Thank you mostly for opening your lovely home to such a safe and intimate space of normal and wonder, I cannot convey to you how wonderful it was to be in the world with all of you.

The gong was so amazing honey, I feel as if you handled it really well with such a profound energy and sound to mould and allow, truly beautiful!