Sound New Moon Ceremony with Sound & Cacao 11.12.23 7.30pm Tonbridge

NEW VENUE  - Tonbridge

Join Naomi for this powerful new offering which brings you a beautiful curation of elements and depth for this New Moon Offering.

The ceremony will include Ceremonial Cacao, Intention Setting, moon musings and rituals and Sound Bath Alchemy

A sound bath is a beautiful way to reset your nervous system, unwind from overwhelm and find peace and stillness within.  It promotes relaxation, helps with sleep, relives tension and stress and soothes anxiety and depression.  Sound can also help with physical issues too.

In this ceremony we will honour the New Moon and look at the themes and astrological star sign that we are working with, we will drink cacao in ceremony to open the space and set out intentions before going into a New Moon Manifesting Ritual, and finishing with sound.

What you will need:  A yoga Mat, pillow, blanket, eye mask, water

Where: Tonbridge - email to be 24 hours before with the full address - if you don't receive an email from then it has ended up in the trash or the wrong email address has been entered when booking.  Please email naomi@nourishnynaomi.com in this case and all information will be sent.

Duration:  90 minutes

Please contact me if you are pregnant, have metal plates, heart conditions or epilepsy



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