Online Raw Chocolate Masterclass 1.4.21 8pm




Thursday 1st April 8pm – Healthy Easter Chocolate 

Join me online for my raw chocolate masterclass where you will learn how to make life changing delicious healthy chocolate with just 5 ingredients in just 5 minutes.

  • Learn where raw chocolate comes from
  • Learn the benefits of raw chocolate
  • How to make and create delicious chocolate treats that you can enjoy at home or give as a gift to someone you love

This 90 minute class will take you on an incredible journey where you will discover chocolate in its most natural form and how it can be enjoyed guilt free. You can either watch the class or cook and create with me.


The live class will start at 8pm and be recorded and emailed to you afterwards so you can rewatch at your leisure. The recipes will also be sent in advance of the class so you can prepare and get all the ingredients and equipment ready to cook with me.



“Thank you so much also for the chocolate workshop last weekend.  I LOVED IT! I am a total convert to raw chocolate now, especially the healthy hot chocolates.  They are so good.  Not only do they taste great, but they make me feel so good afterwards, unlike the crash and burn and guilt that you get with conventional chocolate.  Even more impressive, is that my boys love the raw chocolates too! My 10 year old has already helped me make a second batch of the chocolates and I have to ration how many they are allowed to eat.  Thank you so much for introducing this into our lives” Lorna – cook with me Raw Chocolate 

“Thanks so much – we made some lovely rose chocolates (with a dash of rose water in the mix and rose petals to decorate!)” Emma – Online Masterclass 

“The chocolate making kit is AMAZING – it’s so easy and a fun thing to do with my 3 year old daughter!!


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