What IS Happening To My Hormones? 

11 January 2021 8pm-10pm ONLINE 


Join Medical Herbalist Sara & Nutrition Coach Naomi & discover how you can reclaim your vitality naturally through the 4 stages of Menopause

You will learn:

  • The 4 stages of Menopause and how to support each stage with herbs, diet, exercise and lifestyle 
  • Understanding symptoms and how to manage with natural solutions 
  • How your hormones fluctuate in menopause and how to navigate the changes 
  • The pros and cons of conventional treatment such as HRT and “natural” progesterone creams
  • How mindset impacts your menopause 
  • How to make empowered decisions and take control of your menopause experience

Zoom Link is emailed to  you 24 hours after booking 


The workshop is 90 minutes plus Q&A at the end.


“I attended Mastering the Menopause Workshop and I highly recommend it to all the ladies from late 30s onwards, looking at managing their monthly cycle and lifestyle leading to the menopause in a more natural way. 

Naomi and Sara are knowledgeable and very clear in delivering the workshop and it is amazing how many herbs and natural remedies we use in everyday life can help to manage the monthly cycle. Having learnt how the hormones can fluctuates in years leading to menopause I can manage my life more effectively and prevent unpleasant side effects like hot flashes, anxiety and weight gain.

Highly recommended!”


“I recently did Naomi’s Mastering Your Menapause workshop and I loved it!

It was so informative and gave me the knowledge and understanding of what is actually going on in our bodies and how the affects our emotions and also how that changes throughout the different stages of the menopause. The workshop gave great advice and tips on how to best to deal with the symptoms that the menopause can bring, naturally, through nutrition and herbal remedies.

As with all of Naomi’s workshops it was interesting, informative as well as being fun and light hearted. I would wholeheartedly recommend this to any woman in her mid-thirties onwards, as they say, knowledge is power!”