Sweet Dreams Cacao & Crystal Gift Box

This bespoke gift box is your spiritual tool kit, curated with love, to help you get a good night’s sleep. Everything in this box can help you to create the perfect bedtime ritual.

Included in the box:

200g Ceremonial grade cacao

60ml Moon Magic spray

One box of organic, non-toxic, alcohol-free incense

Home-made, vegan, soy candle

Three high-grade, ethically sourced crystals

Crystals included in this gift box:


Helps with dream recall when placed under your pillow or near the bed
Can inspire more vivid and profound dreams



Can support deeper, more peaceful night’s sleep when placed near the bed
Gentle, calming energy for the mind to help facilitate rest


Helps to cleanse environments, auras and other crystals
Place your other crystals on top after use to recharge their energy

All crystals are ethically sourced, intuitively chosen, lovingly cleansed and reiki charged

How to create your own ritual…

We would recommend making your cacao as the first step in your ritual, and then bringing it to your sacred space.

You may want to honour the start of your ritual by lighting your candle, setting the intention to cleanse the space.

From that candle, you can light your incense stick and allow yourself to see any negativity, stagnant energy or burdens floating away with its smoke.

You may want to lay your crystals out on top of the Selenite Stick, or hold them gently in each hand, setting the intention to cleanse the space, your aura or both.

Sit with your crystals, the incense and candles as long as you feel necessary. You may want to meditate, journal or simply be as you feel your intention sink into your you and your surroundings.

We suggest placing both of these crystals by your bed and to take this time to arrange them beautifully. Flowers, plants, pictures and sculptures all make wonderful additions to sacred spaces.

You could close the ceremony by spraying yourself, the crystals and the space with your Moon Magic Spray to help ground in the new energy!

What is Cacao, and how do you make it?

Ceremonial grade cacao translates to “food of the gods” and has been used in ceremony for thousands of years, originating from the Amazon. Known as a “heart opening” plant medicine due its ability to improve blood flow to the heart, aiding in transmuting negative blocks and supporting you in moving towards divine love and your highest potential. It is a natural anti-depressant; elevating and activating love chemicals to bring more inner and outer bliss and peace.

Watch the video here to see just how easy it is to make this delicious, heart-opening, healthy food of the gods!