Sound Healing

Sound healing has very much been a part of my healing journey over the years and after various different sessions and groups lead to the magical powerful effect of the gong.

I remember the first time I experienced the gong and my mind left my body taking me on a magical journey outside of myself. I was fascinated at how sound could do this and was desperate for more.

The more sound baths I went to the more I felt a calling to it. I didn’t know where it would take me but I followed my instincts and now it has become a fundamental part of my own daily practice and integrative healing journey I take with my clients.


sound healing sevenoaks

I had felt that there was something fundamental missing in my coaching practice for years but didn’t realise what it was until I found energy and sound healing.  As soon as I started to incorporate into my sessions I saw rapid breakthrough shifts start to happen.

Sound is a powerful healing modality which works on cellular level sound vibration.  

Through the power of sound we can experience life changing shifts as we let go of deep seated trauma and toxicity.

In the time and space we immerse ourselves into a sound bath we go deep within our inner landscape where we explore sacred and forgotten parts of our true essence.  It is here that we truly relax and heal like never before.

Are you ready to transform and transcend?

Reiki is another powerful tool that I use in both my gong baths and with private clients to help them move through blockages in a safe and non invasive manor.  I use a combination of different methods including Usui, Tera-Mai and Seichem. 

Reiki is an energy healing treatment that works energetically on the mind, body and soul. The client will generally feel deeply relaxed and possibly slight sensations such as warmth or coolness in parts of their body.

The healing is deep and can relieve stress with regular sessions helping to unblock stagnant energies/issues resulting in physical, mental and/or emotional liberation.

I personally love and use the combination of both Reiki and The Sound for a complete powerhouse of transformational breakthrough healing. 

Prices start from £100 

Corporate packages also available, please get in touch for more details.

reiki sevenoaks

“Thank you so much for the wonderful gong baths you do on a Sunday evening, they are so peaceful and relaxing.

I always love Pluto as I know it does the deep work but there’s is a safety in doing that.

I can feel deep vibrations when Pluto is singing.

Venus, is beautiful and full of love.

When I hear the gong being struck with the wooden end (I don’t know if that’s what happens, it’s how it sounds) I always get a white light over myself body radiating out and it feels like something is being broken within me.

Last night I felt alot of deep work being done, and at the end I felt that my shoulders but specifically my right shoulder was being pushed down or sat on.

Giving myself a cuddle at the end made the sensation disappear.

I usually sleep very deep afterwards and feel a little groggy on a Monday morning after the seasions but this morning I felt light and my usual self.

Every session is different but a wonderful experience 

Thank you so much for blessing us with sound x”

Nicola – Online Sound Session

“I felt something big being pulled from my stomach and then the feeling that my stomach was being stitched up, I felt a really big release”

Hulya – Gong Healing Session