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Transformational Healing


“This was a cocktail that I drank for years! I knew it wasn’t good for me but I didn’t know how to stop drinking it! When I first started practicing the gongs I was suffering crippling anxiety and when I would play the feelings would completely dissipate – this was when I knew that they were different, special and unique”

Naomi’s beautiful bespoke 1-2-1 healing are in person private sessions to release tension, stress, anxiety and overwhelm to bring you into a deep state of peace, calm and relaxation. It really is hard to put into words the profound effect of this powerful healing combination.

You will be welcomed with ceremonial cacao, intention setting and oracle cards (not tarot or a reading just guidance). Then be guided to lay down on a heated crystal with some crystal places for healing (optional), the session includes reiki and sound therapy and will rebalance and cleanse energy, charkas and auric field.

Each session is uniquely tailored to the individual.  After the session it is important not to rush into daily tasks and to give yourself time and space for the treatment to integrate.  It is not just a “one hit wonder” and the effects are lasting for days and sometimes weeks after.

Transformation Healing can help:

Rebalance Energy
Support Mental Health
Relieve Stress and Overwhelm
Soothe Anxiety

Reconnection to Self

Boost Low Mood

Alleviate Physical Pain
Give Clarity and Confidence
Naomi Buff with healthy blends
Naomi Buff with healthy blends
Naomi Buff in kitchen

Understanding reiki

Reiki is an ancient healing modality that uses intention and gentle touch to guide the flow of energy which can release any blockages within the body. Reiki can be used to reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm. It helps to rebalance energy and can leave the client feeling relaxed, calmer and lighter in mind and body. Naomi uses reiki alongside other complimentary healing modalities.

Understanding sound therapy

A sound bath is a relaxing and healing meditative experience where the client is “bathed” in sound waves with gongs, bowls, chimes to create a powerful sound journey experience. As part of a 1-2-1 transformational healing session this will be led with intention alongside the reiki and guided mediation for profound healing. Naomi may use some body placement sound instruments for a deeper healing.

Understanding cacao

Ceremonial Cacao is a beautiful plant medicine which aids heart healing. It has been used for thousands of years in ancient ritual with intention. As part of her 1-2-1 transformational healing a small dose of cacao will be drank with intention setting for the session ahead to connect to to the healing properties and support the session with the highest vibration

Understanding Crystals and Cards

Naomi will use ethically sourced crystals to support her 1-2-1 transformational healing session which may be placed on the chakras to help channel and redirect energy flow. Oracle cards will also be offered as part of the session which can offer powerful insights and guidance which support the energy and intention of the session

Sessions are in Tunbridge Wells or online, last 75 minutes and exchange is £111

Naomi is quite frankly amazing!
If you feel you need some TLC, guidance, healing, clarity or help with your mindset then you NEED to meet her.

Naomi is a holistic healer & transformational coach. I see her for Coaching & healing sessions using reiki & sound therapy.

My first time meeting Naomi, was at an amazing group cacao ceremony for a friends birthday & since then I’ve made seeing Naomi part of my monthly routine. The cocoa ceremony was incredible, I hadn’t felt such relief in a long time. I’ve introduced her cocoa into my daily routine and I’ve really felt the benefits.

Naomi instantly makes you feel relaxed, her energy is so uplifting and she naturally makes you feel cared for and safe. Living with an ilness that affects how I look massively means that meeting someone who makes you forget your insecurities is such a relief. My last visit was during a facial flare and I didn’t feel the slightest self conscious around her. My skin is noticeably calmer instantly & improves in the days following my session. I always leave feeling lighter, refreshed and calm .
I feel I can be open and honest without any judgment or worries.

It’s hard to put it into words but I feel my sessions allow me to let go, to truly relax and to really be present. It’s time for me.

I feel that Naomi is arming me with techniques to help change my life. She is helping me heal but also to find my purpose, guiding me into my next chapter.

I highly recommend reaching out to her of you are in a position to do so.

I truly believe Naomi was brought into my life at this time for a reason ✨

Bethany – Transformational Healing Client

“Thank you for a lovely transformational healing session today, I felt chaotic when I arrived and set the intention for peace and calm.

After the session I felt relaxed and had the head space to get so much done in the afternoon. I was able to power through loads of things I had been procrastinating over”

J.C – Transformational Healing Client