Does Stress Lead You To The Bottom Of The Biscuit Tin?

by | 18 Aug 20 | Blog, Uncategorized

When the sh*t hits the fan do you head for the biscuit tin and a family size bar of dairy milk?

Do you pig out/binge/overeat unconsciously then wake up swimming in a pool of guilt and promising to do extra sessions at the gym and start a new diet on Monday?

If you are nodding while bowing your head in shame then know that you are not alone, so many women are in some kind of unhealthy relationship with food and I was one of them for many years as food was my comforter when I was stressed and when I needed to suppress uncomfortable and painful emotions – it was not a pretty time in my life I can tell you but looking back I can see the blessings in it.

Truth is LIFE IS HARD and we all need a coping strategy, a comforter and release, an escape and if we don’t have healthy ones in place then unhealthy, sabotaging, destructive ones will step in and start to rule the show!

Coping strategies aren’t just about food they could be drinking, smoking, drugs, gambling, shopping, sex, violence and soooo much more….. Russell Brand wrote in his book “Recovery” that people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol are lucky as their addictions are obvious it is everyone else who is in trouble as they aren’t aware of their issues – I think he is right, it took me years and lots of therapy to uncover my issues.

When we engage in an unhealthy habit (lets say food in this case as this is what I relate to best) and overeat the wrong things our monkey brain can send us spiralling downwards. You may notice that one bad food choice leads to a binge which then leads to another, then another and another and before you know it a week or 2 has passed and you are on an unconscious hamster wheel that you can’t step off of.  Fear, shame, embarrassment also start showing up and feed the problem further as the more you feel awful about yourself the more you need to eat to comfort that feeling… are any bells ringing for you here?

BUT what about this….

If we are triggered by a bad day, feeling or emotion that leads us to food, what about if we could catch it before we fall and reframe it which would dismantle the destructive cycle?  What if instead of fear, shame and embarrassment we could feel kindness compassion and understanding?

When we allow ourselves to embrace imperfections and emotions we open ourselves up to a whole new set of resources and take back control of our lives.  You may think that overeating is a sign of weakness or lack of control but it is impossible to try to control food as we have to eat 3 times a day so trying to control something that is a natural part of survival is like pushing water up hill.  So instead of fighting a losing battle look inwards and ask yourself WHY and uncover the deeper calling for your needs…

This way of living and thinking worked for me so I know it can work for you too!

I promise you this is the way to get your life back if you are overeating on a regular basis, the answers are never going to be found in another diet or at the gym you have delve deep and go within…

If you need help or support with eating issues or body image or a healthy relationship with food please get in touch to book a free discovery call, I am here to help and support you.


Naomi x